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Swiss Food Delivery made their own delivery dispatch and tracking solutions with Teliver

swiss food delivery

Swiss Food Delivery Swiss Food Delivery is the best online food ordering site in Switzerland. It connects people and the best restaurants together. Swiss Food Delivery has the utmost reach. You have to enter your post code and can search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price. The restaurant index also includes address and delivery …

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Spotlights of Teliver

Spotlights of teliver

Delivery service: Delivery service includes food delivery, grocery delivery, E-commerce delivery, pick and delivery service, laundry collecting and dropping services, cab booking and courier services; all this needs an effective managing skill for maintaining a delivery service. In an era where the delivery services are developing each day by an inch it’s very mandatory to …

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Send Push Notfications To Android Devices Via Teliver


FCM enables Teliver SDK to efficiently manage and function the application procedures. The sturdiness of the SDK is controlled by the Server, which in return provides greater real time accuracy and better Battery management. It additionally also helps in recovery of application crashes. If FCM has already been setup: The below steps will include the …

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