Live Tracking

How is Live Tracking ‘The Need Of The Hour’? : Solved


In the era of ‘know all’, not knowing could be the single most irksome factor for the mankind. One such example is the MH370 – The missing Malaysian Airlines flight scheduled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8 March 2014. From such major incidents to the ones where we need tracking of our products ordered online, Live Tracking could be the solution to the much asked question ‘Where is it?’. Well, Teliver provides you the solution to that exact question.

Live location sharing was a great boon to all people who were stranded and needed assistance. The need for this was paramount and slowly did the population decide that an even bigger and precise solution would be much more helpful. Live tracking as we all know being included in Taxi Booking apps such as Uber made heads of various businesses turn. In addition, the live path and location sharing of this application was an even bigger step towards an informed customer infrastructure. The implementation of this technology in all businesses requiring it has been made easy with Teliver.

Trivial Issues faced by the public and their solutions:

1)      The Hungry One – Food home deliveries are soon becoming a necessity for any restaurant to play big. Applications tough are straight forward about their processes; the customers are in the dark once the food leaves the hotel until it reaches the destination. A dozen calls are made by the customer before the food is actually delivered.

Solution – Live tracking of the deliverer on the customers’ app.

2)      The Bus Seeker – How often do we wait for Public Buses or Office Shuttles without the knowledge on when they would arrive? At some cases, people do wait without the knowledge on if the transport they are waiting for has left. That particular situation is even more sadder.

Solution – Live tracking of the transports.

3)       The One waiting for the Package – Waiting for something new that been ordered is excruciating. It is even more a pain when the delivery day comes. We are kept on our toes till the package is right in our hands. Every online shopper experiences this phase and wishes to know the exact location of the package.

Solution – An integrated map on the Ecommerce App showing the live status of the package


Such situations are abundant, yet solutions aren’t made available. Teliver provides this – Though not feeding the hungry, his question is fed with an answer.    

What Does Teliver Do?

Businesses with an already built application could make use of Teliver in providing their customers a defined and informative service. It is a well known fact that, ‘Better the service, more the customers’ and undeniably Teliver acts as a tool that drives better traffic to your application.

The technology used in delivering these services aren’t new, yet are not adaptable due to the complications in providing a clear integration functionality. Using the Global Positioning System (GPS), the accuracy provided in the mapping of the requirements is astounding.

Teliver delivers a very-easy-to-adapt kit for both Android and iOS, making the integrations as smooth as possible. In addition to this the customization options are the one to look out for. Unlike services providing a half filled bucket, Teliver goes a bit further by providing its clients micro-detailed customization options. Either concentrating on the functional aspects or the visuals, Teliver walks a step ahead and provides micro level customizations.

Which Business sectors will Teliver be suitable for?

The past couple of decades, the growth in internet reliable goods and services have been gaining a wide momentum and the past decade to be particular, the charts have been sky rocketing. Hence every businesses and services requiring travel, even if it is just a minor segment, Teliver integration would be a great boost.

Few business integrations that could prove to be very fruitful are:

          Transport Agencies

          Fleet Management Systems

          Courier Portals

          Grocery Deliverers

          E Commerce suppliers


          Food Deliveries

          Social Platforms

          Taxi Bookings

The inspiration of Teliver in creating this revolutionized concept is from live experiences and hence the thoughts and vision put into making this product is commendable. Such is how the answer to ’Where is it?’ is answered.

But, what about businesses with no mobile applications?  Well that’s where Quadkast, the parent company of Teliver assists you. The raft is ready but yet to start; have a seat here and we will start sailing soon!