Teliver Updates

This UAE Startup has made on demand truck booking service with Teliver

Hello Pickups with Teliver

Hello Pickups is a smart phone app based On-demand service operated by AJ Technologies LLC,that allows you to book the nearest mover at your convenience within the cities of UAE and Bahrain.

Hello Pickups  is cost efficient, quick and easiest way of moving things in the city. You can see your moving cost before you confirm the booking. Nearest Pickup Driver will reach you within 15 min.

You can book a pick-up driver on demand or at a convenient time, that fits your schedule. After a simple sign-up process, within a couple of taps, you can select your pick-up and delivery location, pickup type and have your goods picked up and tracked.

Problem statement and solution with Teliver

  • While booking a pick-up driver customer finds hard to live track the driver’s location assigned to the booking. Similarly admin too finds hard to track drivers and vice versa.
  • But by using Teliver problems resolved and things becomes easier. Using Customer application they can live track the driver’s location assigned to the pick-up booking.
  • All the booked orders and list of available drivers with their locations can be viewed by admin via his application. Admin can assign tasks to the nearest driver.
  • The task will reach as notification to the driver via his application and the driver can accept or reject the task.

Thus Teliver, a customized solution helps Hello pick-ups to book the nearest mover On-demand at convenience within the city in a straightforward and trouble free manner.

Role of Teliver in Hello pick-ups/ Why we chose Teliver?

As a beginning period, company we must be exceptionally prudent with our assets. While we wanted tracking as a core feature in our app building that technology capability is cumbersome and not core for us. We started looking for technology partners for help.

Our inquiry conveyed us to Teliver which we initially picked because of the product design. There were a great many suppliers making their own particular applications and dashboards yet actually nobody else was making plug-and-play tracking SDKs at the time. We much appreciated Teliver developer-friendly product which meant we wouldn’t have to be locked into their SaaS. Logical APIs webhooks and optional integration meant we could integrate Teliver into our apps and workflows precisely as we wanted to.

When clients connect with us to check on their booked status our customer delight associates use our internal dashboard to get a quick overview. This view now embeds the Teliver view to know precisely where the driver is. Customers never again need to call up the conveyance field drive and bother them as they are navigating roads.

Building driver tracking using Teliver

Through easy APIs our management systems interact with Teliver to characterize the booked work process: pickups, conveyances to clients with their normal place and time. This information is overlayed over the area information originating from the SDK making it noteworthy for our client delight team.

With the Teliver dashboard view embedded in our internal dashboard our associates get all the data they require in one single view. This view is utilized who effectively explore through hailed orders and customer service queries.

Teliver is a developer’s tool which has its own server to provide real time tracking.

As we embedded Teliver SDK, we provide a seamless experience with full transparency. Hello Pickups is a professionally designed solution that relies exclusively on your smart phone to book a mover, track your cargo, and calculate the total trip mileage and cost. All drivers are background checked and insured. Therefore, one can get to move the things need to move without worrying about. In addition, you can track the goods, which you are transporting throughout the way until it reaches the destination.

Are you searching for a platform that provides Live tracking API, SDK? Then Teliver is the right choice. Without delay reach us and we are ready to support.